26 octobre 2009


only 5 usd! worlwide shipping included!

20 pages, laser print quality on recycled paper (assorted soft colors) full color cover (cats are not avalaible) it comes with an extra gift and a free random sketch inside the book!
english and spanish text (poorly translated), copies are numbered and limited!

payment via paypal at akuztff@gmail.com!
(solo mexico: acepto depositos bancarios)

orders at: belicosaco@gmail.com


sorry, i'll add better photos later on sob.

3 commentaires:

Electric Wounds a dit…

Beli eres genial!

Alain a dit…

Dónde puedo conseguir uno de esos????!!!
sólo por la red?

Beli a dit…

@ Alain

si, el trato era directamente conmigo pero creo que actualmente ya se agotaron los sketchbooks, lo lamento.