16 novembre 2010

almost forgot to post these :D

 nele or aleksandar, saša for his friends. drew this to warm up
 for a book, changed my mind later on
 for another book. didn't finished it

 more nanographicmo
for a book.

other nanographicmo updates

nothing new if you follow me on twitter, but just wanted to keep these as documentation... sort of.

12 novembre 2010

this is the way i roll

still working on this. it's my stress reliever for the nanographicmo pages and other pending work. when i'm tired of everything i turn into this

09 novembre 2010

nanographicmo screencaps

and a page already finished, almost done with a couple more, stay tuned :)

for more information abut the nanographicmo go check this: nanographicmo

07 novembre 2010

colectivo 13

para la primera publicación del colectivo #13 de cuento ilustrado http://colectivo13.wordpress.com/

goodbye, my friend

до виђења, мој друг

para http://www.facebook.com/arte.postal