27 avril 2011

Tous Les Temps webcomic. April 30th

this April the 30th i'll finally keep it up with my webcomic. the story has changed from the first time I tried to publish it and I really hope you like it!. here have some exclusive preview and pictures of the process ;)

 this is the sketch/layout whatever you name it. very lame and done as quickly as possible. I usually made some changes here if needed, blablah.

then it comes the /final sketch/. I write the balloons just to see how the fit in the page.

and now the colour! depending on the page it can be really easy and lots of fun or a pain in the ass.

 and so, the colouring of the page is done :)

extra bonus!:

07 avril 2011

beli presents: dead projects vol.1

at the end of last year I have started a comic via twitter using two accounts @neleka @srdjane the story is about two friends who wake up inside an old Gym and are unable to remember their names nor who they are and desperately try to get back home. it died a little bit but I think they will come back to life very soon, who knows ;D